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Saturday July 28 - Sunday July 29, 12pm - 5pm

41 White Street, New York | Church Street School for Music & Art

In this workshop, participants will be learning basic Living Theatre techniques, such as the chord, sound and movement, and newly developed exercises as in the latest production “Electric Awakening.” Participants, along learning the techniques and practicing the exercises, will discuss collectively the subjects pertinent to the current sociopolitical state. Throughout the workshop, participants will create a performance with the Living Theatre members for public presentation at the end of the workshop, which will last 30 to 40 minutes. 

All participants are required to attend both days.


June 2018

Although the tension surrounding the US/Mexico border has become really high, there has always been a heaviness around this obvious division but now more than ever there exists a great need for both sides to come together to understand the gravity of the issues surrounding immigration, corruption, refugee communities, homelessness, environmental issues, violence, disappearances, identity, etc. 


While all of this is occurring there is also a true experiment taking place. Tijuana is young, existing in a liminal space between 2 countries. It is not quite Mexico and not quite the United States but instead has formed its own identity while being the source of endless identity complexes caught at the border. 

Ever since the new U.S government has been elected, the tensions that have always existed found a new breeding ground and fueled a human fire. It appears that the fire has only yet to grow with more and more injustice being revealed daily. As the battle cries get louder, the rumble of the community also grows. Tijuana is both a minefield and a movement. It is a place that is directly responding to the two countries it is sandwiched in between and that is what gives the place its truly radical nature. 

The Living Theatre in June, 2018, has decided to travel to Tijuana to conduct the workshop of "A Day in the Life of the City," along with newly developed performance exercises/techniques, to facilitate the creation of performances to respond to the current sociopolitical state.

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