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november 22 - 26


  • artist talk

  • workshop

  • street performance


Discussions with students (excerpt)

We end up in a bit of a bubble. Everyone I know voted for Brexit. We have forgotten a lot of people in our society. This is their way of saying, they were here. Something that doesn't help is that we can be blinded by it because were not surrounded by it in our daily lives. I'm trying to get out there and read more and talk to more people I wouldn't talk to normally. 


I didnt think about the people who voted that way... trying to not be so ignnoratnt

We have the lowest life expectancy deal with nuclear power and missiles down the road... not friendly to women. All my fiends have been raped and drugged and raped. A homeless man died, and people said its because people came to our country and stole our jobs. 

Poverty is a huge issue. We should all combat against. In an ideal world we'd all have the same but it doesnt work like that.  

3 homeless men died in the last winter. It was everywhere to raise awareness. Nothing happened. It's so in our control. But we thin someone else will look after them but its not true.  we are the someone else. 


We are the someone else to crack down on poverty. It's about time we woke up and create change and get our thumbs out of our asses. I believe by the end of the day well take a first step.

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