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Created by The Living Theatre


São Paulo, Brazil


October 29 - November 7, 2017





Mexico City, Tijuana

Los Angeles

March 1 - March 31, 2019



Electric Awakening investigates how we can  awaken the dormant powers within to dismantle the systems of corruption and death that enslave us.


Electric Awakening is a treatise of the body’s revolt.  Our memories and identities are written across our flesh so we return to the body to wipe the slate clean and start over; forge new systems and new relationships with one another.

We invoke the human life cycle as a form of exploration. However, in our piece, we  reverse the cycle, beginning with our death and ending with our conception, in order to manifest a rebirth for performers as well as the audience. The transition from death to birth, is influenced by Artaud’s writing, “The Plague”, an important work in The Living praxis.  The experience of death allows the audience to connect with their own inevitable passing, but instead of approaching it with fear, the use of ritual, music, movement, and language will enable the participants to shift perception of their own mortality and infuse it with awareness, passion, and a revitalized sense of a rebellion against everything untrue we have been taught since birth.

The purpose of the Electric Awakening is to kill the parts of ourselves and our system that do not serve us; the people and the earth.  Electric Awakening challenges the participants to seek out their own internal transformation by drawing them through a radical birth rite.  We begin by reckoning with our own fears, shame and desires and move towards creating a new life system within ourselves, so that we have the ability to gather collectively as a society and begin to dismantle the current oppressive social systems that are in place and to begin to create new ones that allow humans to benefit rather than suffer from their existence.

The Living will awaken and step towards freedom with shaking feet and pounding hearts.

The creation of the piece includes a four day workshop with 20 Brazilian performers who will be integral in shaping the piece through an intensive exchange of ideas. The final work will be the synthesis of communal sharing.  This immersive work will rely on the performers welcoming and guiding the public through the entirety of the show. We shed our passivity together and discover a collective transformation.


Sponsored by SESC São PauloCurated by: Ricardo Muniz Fernandes, Andrea Saturnino & Inês CardosoExecutive producers: Ricardo Frayha & João Fernandes da Luz Moreira

 Living Theatre Ensemble: Leah Bachar, Brad Burgess, Natalia de Campos, 

Jessica Daugherty, Brad Hamers, Monica Hunken, Mattias Kraemer,

Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li, Lois Kagan Mingus, Philip Santos Schaffer, Ilion Troy, 

& Thomas S. Walker

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