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december 11 - december 16


  • workshop

  • street performance

Ελληνική Δημοκρατί

Ελληνική Δημοκρατί


“There is fear about other people. it becomes a defense. supposing other things that are not true for another person. they make an enemy of the other person. sometimes they gather together and create an enemy even when its not true, maybe they give labels just because its convenient, to convince other people that they're bad, so they can manipulate you.”


One of the men shared an enormous smile when he saw us. It might have been quite interesting from his perspective to see this group - Monica, Brad​, Leah​ and myself - four young and curious individuals taking in this new surrounding. “Were they lost?” is what I imagined echoing in his mind. Nevertheless, he took it upon himself to lead introductions. We shook his hand, and followed the domino effect of introducing ourselves to the other futbol ninjas. Monica tried to speak a little Arabic to them. Their smiles doubled. Ours did too. Familiarity is something we all find comfort in. We asked if they knew where we could find Jim Morris. This was the moment where familiarity would take a backseat.

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