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A US Tour

Aug 15 - Sep 4, 2016


As the US becomes increasingly disillusioned and mired in the election process, with thousands of votes swallowed in the system, with government power based on hate, war mongering and corporate influence, mass murders prompted by bigotry and fear, a flood of refugees from countries the US has destabilized through war, we choose this time to travel through the middle of America to offer another story. We seek a reawakening of one’s rights and rites. We will travel to large metropolises as well as small towns to present:

Performance of 

Seven Meditations on Political Sado-Masochism>


Street Performances


We take up charge of Judith Malina, an indefatigable source of radical artistry. In her name and to honor her legacy, we trek across the states offering a version of the Beautiful Non-Violent Anarchist Revolution.

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