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Personal notes from 50 years of The Living Theatre


Judith Malina creates an intimate memoir in a unique format with a collection of personal notes written on every full moon for 50 years from 1964 to 2014.


Malina is relentless in her commitment to the full moon schedule, writing regardless of her current life circumstance. Notes issue forth from hotels, trains—even prison, offering a light on the consequences of holding true to her code of the theatrical expression of her pacifist-anarchist principles. The book's format is well-suited for modern readers interested in history of the counterculture. In addition, the book includes 30+ rare historical photos from Living Theatre archives.



Learn patience first,
And after patience, love
And after love
The eternal joy
Of having loved.


"Having Loved" includes Judith's latest poems exploring her personal and sociopolitical struggles and triumphs.

The Piscator Notebook

The Piscator Notebook documents Malina’s intensive and idiosyncratic training at Piscator’s school. Part diary, part theatrical treatise, this unique and inspiring volume combines:


  • complete transcriptions of Malina’s diaries from her time as a student at the Dramatic Workshop, as well as reproductions of various of Piscator’s syllabi and teaching materials;

  • notes on Malina’s teachers - Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg - fellow students – including Marlon Brando and Tennessee Williams – and New School productions;

  • studies of Piscator’s process and influence, along with a new essay on the relationship between his teaching, Malina’s work with the Living Theatre and "The Ongoing Epic";

  • an introduction by performance pioneer, Richard Schechner.

The Piscator Notebook.jpg

Living on 3rd Street

Documents, essays, drawings, and photographs from the editors, Judith Malina, Beate Bennett, Armand Schwerner, and others, including the full scripts of The Tablets, Tumult, Rules of Civility, The Body of God, The Zero Method and more, chronicling a crucial historical period for the longest-surviving avant-guard theatre collective in the United States.

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